With help from DOME, you can create a harmonic living space at your home. Whether you are searching for tastefully modern or elegantly classic styles, our designs will optimize the functional use of your spaces. We can consult and help you choose your style of furniture and materials to suit your needs and budget, without compromising on aesthetics.

Design fee*

– For whole apartment, residence, or villa (Modern Style): 150,000VND/m2

– For whole apartment, residence, or villa (Neo-classic, Indochine or other style): 210,000VND/m2

– For separate room design: 3,000,000VND/room**

* Once order is placed, the design fee will be deducted at a rate of 8% of the construction contract value, with a maximum deduction equal to 100% of the design contract value

** Living room – dining room – kitchen space will be considered (2) rooms

In addition to interior design, DOME offers experience in:

– Water and Power design and construction
– Floor and ceiling layout, design and construction

Interior design

From Concept

to render 3D


Render 3D

3D design projects

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