Warranty policy

One of the many reasons makes DOME become a prestige brand in the market, and has been trusted by many customers for so long is: our company always follows the business philosophy “always keep the prestige.”

  • All DOME natural furniture is guaranteed for 3 years and maintained for 5 years. All DOME industrial furniture is guaranteed for 1 years and maintained for 3 years
  • DOME sofas are guaranteed for 1 year on fabric, 2 years on foam and 5 years on framework
  • DOME curtains are guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase
  • During the warranty period, all the defects defined as the manufacturer’s fault will be repaired or replaced at no cost, depending on the actual situation. During the maintenance period, defects defined as manufacturer’s fault will be repaired or replaced by DOME at a mutually agreed fee.
  • DOME has the right to decline to serve or to charge repair fee if the product is damaged due to user’s fault.
  • Guarantee is not applied to products using internal fabrics, especially raw fabric, silk fabric, cloth … With those fabrics, the company has pre-washed to avoid shrinkage. However, DOME is not responsible for the damage caused by sunlight, water during wash, fabric shrinkage, fading during use. DOME does not guarantee damages in force majeure such as natural disaster, flood, fire, and earthquake.
  • Warranty terms are applied within Hanoi. For further area, shipping and transportation fee will be informed to the customer.
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