Since 1999, DOME has manufactured and exported Vietnamese unique handmade products to countries all over the world. Two favourite ranges in the overseas market are our luxury silk and seagrass lines.

DOME’s silk duvets and pillows, cushions, table runners, placemats and embroidered curtains are designed using locally-produced materials and the highlighting character of Vietnam, while simultaneously having a Western European function. This creates a truly unique product line. DOME’s products have been featured in many reputable interior magazines abroad. Our products become a indispensable to Ambassadors, foreign senior officers and business people and families who live in or visit Vietnam. Our Vietnamese customers regularly buy things from our product range as gifts for friends and foreign partners.

DOME’s seagrass products such as bags, seat cushions, place mats, boxes, etc. are made from natural rush, handwoven by DOME’s own designs are always "hot items" to export to Australia, Sweden, and Japan for years.