About Us

About us

DOME has been known for many years in Vietnam as a prestigious interior and manufacturing company providing service to embassies and foreign companies, and is a familiar name to Vietnamese expert investors. Our advantage is a combination of professional interior design service, splendid and high-quality products, long-term guarantees and thoughtful/thorough customer service.

With the advantage of direct manufacture, intermediate stages are bypassed allowing our prices to be highly competitive while enabling DOME to be very dynamic and flexible in the market.

DOME has two showrooms for display and retail in Hanoi, and we export our interior products to the US, Australia, Europe, Japan and other neighboring countries in Asia.


DOME began in 1993 with a pioneering group which included civil engineers and interior designers from Australia and Vietnam. At first, DOME focused on the domestic market and started with some small projects such as: design and interior decoration for home of Telstra’s General Manager – an Australian telecommunication company, adorn Motorola’s office in Hanoi. We gradually built up client's trust and were referred to their friends and relatives…

As time has passed, DOME has developed to a reputable interior company by being whole-hearted with customers, and using the business philosophy - "always keep the prestige."

Products and Services

1. Consulting and interior design services: we consult with clients from choosing available items in our showrooms to complete interior design from A to Z for newly built projects, as well as interior renovation work.

2. Manufacture and execute of a whole package from wood furniture, sofas, curtains to other details to finish your space.